National News

Army is Looking to Allow Beards

While facial hair used to be allowed in the United States military as far back as the revolutionary war, times changed and regulations were put in place that required all soldiers to be clean cut. However, the US Army Research Labs recently reached out to press to confirm the existence of a testing initiative to… Continue reading Army is Looking to Allow Beards


“WATCH_DOGS 2:” A Second Chance for a Doomed Series

While Ubisoft occasionally produces a really good game that sells millions of copies, they have an overall bad reputation with gamers, becoming the butt of internet memes and jokes. 2014’s “WATCH_DOGS” was no different, as it was a very ambitious game that felt incomplete and lacking in several areas, including story variety, character depth, and… Continue reading “WATCH_DOGS 2:” A Second Chance for a Doomed Series

A &E

Battlefield 1: The Great War through the Eyes of DICE

“Battlefield 1” hits on themes that are rare in the modern-day shooter genre; although the time period is set during WWI, the game plays more like a hybrid between WWI, WWII, and the modern era. DICE and EA’s take on “The War to End All Wars” will leave you breathless. In the very first mission,… Continue reading Battlefield 1: The Great War through the Eyes of DICE


The Pros and Cons of Common Core

Common Core began in the 1990’s and is aimed at providing students with a standardized education in order to prepare them for college course loads. Recently, there seems to be a great debate as to whether or not Common Core is doing its job, and like everything, there are pros and cons to it. It… Continue reading The Pros and Cons of Common Core

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October Predictions in Gaming

With The Game Awards quickly approaching, AAA video game developers are going to be pushing out titles in the hopes of winning the coveted Game of the Year award. While November is typically the big month for video game sales, October releases might actually have a shot of beating out “Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare”… Continue reading October Predictions in Gaming

Campus News

We Have Splash Down

On Oct. 1, Kappa Sigma hosted their single largest charity fundraiser yet. Splashdown brought together nearly 200 students and raised money to help veterans and their families. The event, which originated at Arizona State University, took place behind the cafeteria in “The Bowl.” At 8:00 AM, members of the Kappa Sigma fraternity started assembling 50… Continue reading We Have Splash Down