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More than Just a Feeling: “Wonder” Movie Review

To be in a state of wonderment is to have a feeling of surprising admiration for something beautiful, inexplicable or just miraculous. “Wonder,” the American drama film based on a touching story of a young boy, does a great job at evoking this feeling and at times making its viewers want to burst into a… Continue reading More than Just a Feeling: “Wonder” Movie Review

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Lions’ Pride Staff Thanksgiving Adventures

Kierra Gordon Thanksgiving in The Bahamas was enormously eventful. Each day of the week was spent doing something different. Although this was mainly a Thanksgiving visit, it would have been incomplete without a quick trip to the beach. As I sat in the calm, crystal clear water, the hot sun was piercing against my skin.… Continue reading Lions’ Pride Staff Thanksgiving Adventures

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The Facts for a Stress-Free Finals Week

Saint Leo University’s scheduled Fall final exam week is from Tuesday, Dec. 5, until Friday, Dec. 9, which leaves ample time of over three weekdays for students to get prepared mentally and physically for a ‘stress-free finals week.’ Although this is the case, it still comes as no surprise that with finals week approaching, some… Continue reading The Facts for a Stress-Free Finals Week

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Big Bang or Supreme Creator?

The question, “Does God Exist?” has been pondered upon for years. As inquisitive humans, people seek answers to questions every day and attempt to gain knowledge to answer these questions. If one is pondering whether the major or courses one is taking are useful in life,“Genesis: Part 1 Paradise Lost” takes on the collaborative efforts… Continue reading Big Bang or Supreme Creator?

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A Marvelous Thunderstorm: “Thor: Ragnarok” Movie Review

Everyone’s favorite blond superhero and god of thunder is back on the big screen. Thor’s third adventure features a cast comprised of names like; Chris Hemsworth, Tom Hiddleston, Idris Elba, Tessa Thompson and Cate Blanchett as the villain. The opus follows Thor as he battles his way out of the planet Sakaar to save his… Continue reading A Marvelous Thunderstorm: “Thor: Ragnarok” Movie Review

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The Perks of Staying On Campus During Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving break is a period many college students excitingly anticipate. Coming down to the homestretch of the fall term, most students are worn-out and many homesick. For these reasons, this week long pause in the semester before final exams is just the breather needed to finish off the term strong. Due to its length, a… Continue reading The Perks of Staying On Campus During Thanksgiving


Destroying Future Careers, One “Like” at a Tim

Today, 81 percent of Americans have a social media account in 2017, according to Statista. This statistic is including, but not limited to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn. These are all components that contribute to being “socially active” in society today. Most people now create their social media accounts as young children and keep them… Continue reading Destroying Future Careers, One “Like” at a Tim

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A Search for Answers

Can you imagine finding out secrets about your family history? How about being an elderly individual, who is eager to meet a sibling that you’ve been separated from since a toddler? The documentary "Aida’s Secret" is based on a true story about the life of Aida Zasadisinska. The film stars Izsak Sagi and Shep Shell.… Continue reading A Search for Answers

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All Aboard for “Murder on the Orient Express”

When purchasing a movie ticket to "Murder on the Orient Express," viewers board the train for an hour and fifty-four minutes of mystery and crime. The movie "Murder on the Orient Express" is based on the beloved 1934 Agatha Christie novel by the same name.  It is the third adaptation of the novel made as… Continue reading All Aboard for “Murder on the Orient Express”

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The Secret in the Wings: Revealed 

On Friday, Nov. 3, Saint Leo black box theater had its first showing of “The Secret in the Wings,” a play by Mary Zimmerman. The play was directed by Dr. Alicia Corts, the Assistant Professor of Dramaturgy, who was also the music director of the show.     “The Secret in the Wings” is a play that combines lesser-known… Continue reading The Secret in the Wings: Revealed