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Marrietta Center Holds A Human Trafficking Seminar

  On Nov 8., the public was invited to part one of the Saint Leo University’s interdisciplinary human trafficking seminar which addressed the criminal aspects of human trafficking. The second part is scheduled for the spring and will address the social/clinical aspect of human trafficking. The event took place from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m.… Continue reading Marrietta Center Holds A Human Trafficking Seminar

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Lions’ Pride Staff Thanksgiving Adventures

Kierra Gordon Thanksgiving in The Bahamas was enormously eventful. Each day of the week was spent doing something different. Although this was mainly a Thanksgiving visit, it would have been incomplete without a quick trip to the beach. As I sat in the calm, crystal clear water, the hot sun was piercing against my skin.… Continue reading Lions’ Pride Staff Thanksgiving Adventures


Why Net Neutrality Needs to be Saved

On Nov. 21, the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Chairman Ajit Pai revealed plans to repeal net neutrality in the United States, causing much outrage and political backlash. The FCC is expected to vote on the repeal Dec. 14, with an anticipated 3-2 vote in favor of the repeal. However, while this story has dominated headlines… Continue reading Why Net Neutrality Needs to be Saved

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A Taste of the World

Saint Leo University can be described as a melting pot of cultures. On Nov. 15, the Student Activities Building and Student Community Center Loggias beamed with laughter and smiles as numerous students, staff and faculty came to appreciate samples of delicious foods from all around the world at International Food Night. The Intercultural Students’ Association… Continue reading A Taste of the World

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How Saint Leo is Different From Other Universities

Saint Leo University, a private, Catholic university located in the small city of Saint Leo, Florida, is a university unlike any other. It values diversity as it educates students from all around the world and embraces its unique core values while providing an engaging and ever-growing environment. Its students are numbered at over 15,000 worldwide,… Continue reading How Saint Leo is Different From Other Universities

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The Facts for a Stress-Free Finals Week

Saint Leo University’s scheduled Fall final exam week is from Tuesday, Dec. 5, until Friday, Dec. 9, which leaves ample time of over three weekdays for students to get prepared mentally and physically for a ‘stress-free finals week.’ Although this is the case, it still comes as no surprise that with finals week approaching, some… Continue reading The Facts for a Stress-Free Finals Week

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Big Bang or Supreme Creator?

The question, “Does God Exist?” has been pondered upon for years. As inquisitive humans, people seek answers to questions every day and attempt to gain knowledge to answer these questions. If one is pondering whether the major or courses one is taking are useful in life,“Genesis: Part 1 Paradise Lost” takes on the collaborative efforts… Continue reading Big Bang or Supreme Creator?


Best Fantasy Football Performances Week 12

Week 12 delivered some pretty great numbers for fantasy owners. Starting on Thanksgiving Day, we were treated to three games along with plenty of big performances to the start the week off with a bang. We saw Antonio Brown reach 30 fantasy points for the second straight game and a Jet's quarterback/wide receiver duo score… Continue reading Best Fantasy Football Performances Week 12

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“The Job Interview”: A Fly-on-the-Wall Learning Opportunity

CNBC recently premiered a new reality show that is unlike any other in its space. Each episode of “The Job Interview” follows two representatives of an actual company as they search for an ideal candidate to invite to join their team. The show follows employers as they go through the process of interviewing several candidates… Continue reading “The Job Interview”: A Fly-on-the-Wall Learning Opportunity

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“A Bad Moms Christmas” Surprisingly Heartwarming

“A Bad Moms Christmas,” the sequel to “Bad Moms” (2016) uses comedy to highlight an issue that many Americans face during the holiday season. The mothers of “Bad Moms” realize that they have been overworking themselves to make Christmas perfect by societal standards to the point that they are unable to enjoy Christmas themselves and… Continue reading “A Bad Moms Christmas” Surprisingly Heartwarming