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It’s Murder and Mental Illness, Not Aliens

For those that have been searching for a new fast-paced crime drama, combined with the styles of Victorian England and the New York Gilded Age, that case has now been solved. On Monday, Jan. 22, "The Alienist" premiered on TNT, a network known for its drama-filled shows such as "Rizzoli and Isles," "Dallas" (the revival… Continue reading It’s Murder and Mental Illness, Not Aliens

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Infinitely Insidious

"Insidious: The Last Key" stars Lin Shaye as she reprises her role as Elsie Rainier, a paranormal investigator, and parapsychologist of a unique ability that allows her to resist demonic forces. The film is the fourth installation in the Insidious franchise and is marketed as the final film in the series. The film is directed… Continue reading Infinitely Insidious


Cervical Cancer Awareness

January is Cervical Cancer Awareness Month. Throughout the month, many organizations around the world help raise awareness for the cause. The National Cervical Cancer Coalition, NCCC, make it their mission to spread the word across the United States about cervical cancer, especially the importance of detecting it. NCCC provides many resources to educate those who… Continue reading Cervical Cancer Awareness

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Detroit’s Illuminous Extra-terrestrial Visit

What many would have probably viewed as the second coming was a just a flash a light over Detroit night light. A meteor, formally known as a shooting start or fireball, descended in the Earth’s atmosphere making it visible in the Detroit night sky. On Tuesday, Jan. 16, 2018 at approximately 8:09 pm, people in… Continue reading Detroit’s Illuminous Extra-terrestrial Visit


Is the Internet Causing Cable T.V. to become obselete?

Why watch your favorite show on an actual television when you can watch it on your laptop or phone? If the big screen is your preference, you can watch it on your television too at your convenience. You can watch whatever you choose in your own time. Netflix, Hulu Plus, Amazon Prime and special channels… Continue reading Is the Internet Causing Cable T.V. to become obselete?

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What Can SGU Do for You?

With Student Government Union (SGU) elections rapidly approaching, students will be looking to a few new faces for assistance and guidance. But just what do the members of SGU do for Saint Leo and how does the election process work? The sole purpose of the SGU is to, “To serve as a voice of the… Continue reading What Can SGU Do for You?

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“Black Lightning” Makes a Comeback

The 70s superhero Black Lightning lights up the silver screen on the new CW Network series starring Cress Williams, Nafessa Williams, and Disney star China Anne Mcclain. Black Lightning is a fictional superhero from the DC Universe that was created by Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eeden in the late 1970s. The character of the… Continue reading “Black Lightning” Makes a Comeback

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“Records of Gancrest War” Disappoints in Fight Scenes

In a world where two nations continuously wage war against each other, a man and woman stride to bring peace to their broken states. The “Record of Gancrest War” was adapted into an anime from a manga that was adapted from a light novel which was written by Ryo Mizuno and illustrated by Miyū. The… Continue reading “Records of Gancrest War” Disappoints in Fight Scenes

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Gotta Go Fast: Quick Gamers Raise Over $14 Million for Charity

People mostly see video games as a hobby, a way for people to pass the time and escape from the real world for a bit. However, what if these video games were used for good? The masterminds behind the event Games Done Quick figured out exactly how to do this, and in doing so, have… Continue reading Gotta Go Fast: Quick Gamers Raise Over $14 Million for Charity

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“Den of Thieves:” High Hopes, Poor Execution

The most intimidating section of the Los Angeles law enforcement is tested by a group of robbers. Twenty million dollars is taken and destroyed by the Los Angeles Branch of the Federal Reserve daily. These robbers jump at the opportunity to pull the ideal heist and take money nobody is looking for before it is… Continue reading “Den of Thieves:” High Hopes, Poor Execution