“Capcom vs Marvel: Infinite” Releases to Unfortunate Response


The fourth entry in Capcom’s incredibly popular fighting game series, “Marvel Vs. Capcom,” released on Sep. 19, 2017, to rabid fans long awaiting the game’s release, but also to much criticism.

“Marvel vs. Capcom” is a fusion, with characters from Marvel Comic Books along with classic characters from video games produced by Capcom. With superhero characters such as Captain America, Spiderman, and Thor from the Marvel side; and characters like Mega Man, Chris Redfield, and Nemesis from the “Resident Evil” series, Ryu from “Street Fighter,” and Dante from “Devil May Cry” representing Capcom.

The story of “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite” is straightforward, as is the course for most fighting game story modes. The story is incredibly short, clocking in at only about two to three hours. The story revolves around Sigma, the primary antagonist of the “Mega Man X” series, fusing with Ultron, an “Avengers” villain. By fusing themselves into a single villain named “Ultron-Sigma,” they also fuse the two universes together.

Like its predecessors, “Marvel Vs. Capcom” is a two-dimension fighting game, most similar in style to general audiences of “Street Fighter” or “Mortal Kombat.” However, to differ from most “standard” fighting games, “Marvel vs. Capcom,” is a tag team game. The players control two characters each, with their choice of an infinity stone. Infinity stones are taken from the Marvel side of the story, with every stone having a different power to be used against your opponent. For example, the “power” stone may knock your opponent away from you, interrupting their combo.

The gameplay of “Marvel vs. Capcom” as a series has always been excellent, with “Marvel vs. Capcom 3” being considered one of the greatest fighting games of all time, with its main stages being devoted to the game’s competitions at most, if not all major fighting game conventions. “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite” unfortunately does not quite live up to the hype next to its predecessor. While “Infinite” does have fantastic gameplay and fighting mechanics, along with the infinity stones system addition, it, unfortunately, cannot live up to the craziness of the three-on-three tag team battle craziness in “Marvel vs. Capcom 3.”

One gameplay mechanic the new game does add is the “active switch” character swapping mechanic as opposed to the rigid character swapping of the game’s predecessor. This mechanic allows the player to swap between their two fighters whenever they see fit, even in midair or mid-combo. The player can create their own assist move or defensive maneuver using another character’s abilities.

The game has encountered much criticism before and even after its release. It still receives more criticism than what is typical for a triple-A high budget mainstream fighting game. Much of the criticism around the game revolves around its art style, described as odd and even ugly, as most of the Marvel characters look very muscular, to the point of deformity.

Another shining criticism is that of the very limited and almost uninspired character roster, compared to the other games in the series. All of the Marvel characters are ones that appear in the Marvel Cinematic Universe movies, leading many to believe that Marvel only agreed to add characters to the game that could be advertised. For example, there are no X-Men in the game leading to controversy on if they were not included because Fox Studios currently holds “X-Men” film rights and rather than Marvel. Instead, new characters replaced and replicated old character fighting styles. For example, Black Panther in “Infinite” has a very similar fighting style and move set to Wolverine from “Marvel vs. Capcom 3.” There are also complaints pointed towards the Capcom side, with Chris Redfield as the main example. Cited specifically as a problem was the overuse of Redfield in this series, especially when Leon Kennedy, another Resident Evil character, is deemed more interesting.

Many of these problems are exacerbated by the announcement of “Dragon Ball Fighters Z,” a new fighting game currently being published in Japan. “Dragon Ball Fighters Z,” also a two-dimensional tag team fighting game, hits the high notes in all the areas that “Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite” appeared to be lacking. It has a visually appealing sharp art style, incredible looking game mechanics, and a nostalgia factor that just makes Marvel look like it was lazy in game making by comparison in the eyes of the fans.

“Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite” may be a poor follow-up to “Marvel 3;” however, it still comes out as an incredibly strong online competitive fighting game. With any luck, with post-release patches and characters will hopefully resolve the biggest problems with the game in time for it to be shown off at major fighting game tournaments.

The Criminalistics of the Las Vegas Mass Shooting

by Cassidy Whitaker
Credit: @CassidyWhitaker

By Ilouisa Lourdes Salazar & Travis Farmer

On the night of Oct. 1 at 10:08 p.m., tragic struck Las Vegas, Nevada. A man identified as Stephen Paddock opened fire, using an automatic weapon on a crowd of concert goers from the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay Hotel and Casino.

With over 500 people injured and over 50 killed, the event became known as the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

As of Oct. 3, the motive of the suspect is currently unknown but remains under investigation.

Criminal Justice Assistant Professor Dr. Joseph Cillo stated that Paddock “fits the criteria for a mass killer.” Cillo said, “he may have been acting out of imagined insult and/or injury,” further questioning whether Paddock was aware of his reasons. “We may never know.” “Impulse is a possibility,” continued Cillo.

Many motives are possible, when dealing with mass murderers. For example, Timothy McVeigh was the person behind the Oklahoma City Bombing in 1995, killing 168 people. McVeigh’s motivations comprised of his anger toward the government and for the injustice he saw in both the Waco and Ruby Ridge events.

A mass killer, or mass murderer, is different from a serial killer. According to Cillo, mass murderers tend to kill for different reasons. In addition mass murderers do not usually exhibit signs in early childhood years; whereas serial killers do. Another factor that differs between the types, is that of a numerical one. In order to be considered a mass murderer someone has to kill four or more victims at one time, while serial killers have to murder at three separate occasions taking place over a month in order to be considered a serial killer by the FBI, according to Cillo.

“Most killers fall into three categories: sociological, biological, and psychological,” explained Cillo. It was discovered that the father of the suspect, Benjamin Hoskins Paddock, had a criminal background. He was a bank robber and was on the FBI’s most wanted list for eight years, and subsquently spent time in prison. The fact that both the father and the son were involved in criminal activities suggests that a genetic link may be possible, but ultimately not probable.

The gun control laws in Nevada may be up for questioning and review now. According to the case McDonald V. Chicago (2010), the right to bear arms is an essential concept of self-defense. In this Supreme Court case, Justice Alito wrote that self-defense is “at the core” of the 2nd  Amendment. This opinion set legal precedent that the 2nd Amendment is truly based around self-defense.

Cillo emphasized that protection against gun violence and another shooting incident such as this one is challenging to put into place since Paddock was located in an entirely different area than the concert. There is a balance between violating an individual’s rights and protecting people from future situations such as this one.

This shooting has also reinvigorated the debate on how the media covers mass shooters. Cillo explained that some pundits and experts have argued that the way the media covers mass shooters may “put their name in lights”, paving the way for copycats. However, Cillo is not convinced. “Copy Cats will exist regardless of coverage,” he stated.

The release of video footage from citizens who attended the concert serves to educate the public on the matter at hand. According to Cillo, when people become “aware of the threat,” the media will start to become less critical of law enforcement.

When people become aware of the threat, they can understand that society is violent and that acts like this will continue to happen among different age groups.

Professor of criminalistics and retired FBI agent Charlotte Braziel informed that now that the FBI has ruled out terrorism, they will not be taking the case. However, since it is so large, “They will be assisting the police department with victims, advocates, and crime scene investigators,” stated Braziel. Braziel served in the FBI for 26 years.

The flags on University Campus will fly at half-mast until sunset on Oct 6. Additionally, the University is working on having a blood drive on campus to receive donations.

When a tragedy as sudden and senseless as this occurs, all that is left in its wake are the thoughts of how could this be prevented in the future.

Criminal experts such as Cillo and Braziel are vital voices in helping to understand how events such as this can happen.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the Red Cross have set up a hotline at (866) 535-5654 for people still attempting to contact loved ones that may have been at the concert.

When people become aware of the threat, they can understand that society is violent and that acts like this will continue to happen among different age groups.

Since the F.B.I has ruled out terrorism, they will not be taking the case according to Charlotte Braziel, professor of criminalistics and a retired F.B.I agent. However, since the number killed is so large they will help. [The F.B.I] will be assisting investigators, victims and advocates. Flags on University Campus will fly at half-mast until sunset on Oct 6. Additionally, the University is working on having a blood drive on campus to receive donations.

When a tragedy as sudden and senseless as this occurs, all that is left in its wake are the thoughts of how could this be prevented in the future.

Criminal experts such as Cillo and Braziel are vital voices in helping to understand how events such as this can happen.

The Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and the Red Cross have set up a hotline at (866) 535-5654 for people still attempting to contact loved ones that may have been at the concert.

Fantasy Football Sleeper Picks for Week 5

Screen Shot 2017-10-06 at 12.30.12 AM

Week Five in the NFL season is already here and now owners get to deal with the inconvenience of bye weeks. This weekend the Saints, Redskins, Falcons, and Broncos will all get a rest and that means there are plenty of good players who won’t be in lineups. With less teams playing this coming Sunday it is harder to find quality sleeper candidates, but you may already have some stashed away on your bench. Here is you list of sleepers for Week Five.

Shane Vereen, RB New York Giants:

            It is usually in owner’s best interest to stay away from the Giants backfield, but this week there is a chance for a low profile player to put up some solid numbers. Vereen is known for his work as a third-down back but with injuries to both Orleans Darkwa and Paul Perkins, the veteran running back may have to take the team lead in touches. The New York rushing attack has been nothing short of awful this season, but they get a great matchup this weekend against a Chargers defense that has allowed 163 yards per game to opposing backfields. Giants running backs have combined for a mere 3.2 yards per carry and the only rushing touchdown of the season went to quarterback Eli Manning. After hearing both sides of the argument, don’t expect a huge game from Vereen. The passing down back should see extended action due to the injuries and has a great matchup to possibly find the end zone. Consider Vereen to be a low end flex option with the hope he gets a touchdown in a great matchup even with rookie running back Wayne Gallman lurking.

J.J. Nelson, WR Arizona Cardinals:

            Except for Larry Fitzgerald, it is very hard to trust anything in the Cardinals offense nowadays. They are stuck with a running back by committee and they seem to flip-flop which wide receiver is the top target each week. Luckily for anyone who owns Arizona wide receivers, they get a great matchup against an Eagles team that is allowing just over 300 receiving yards each game. The favorite receiver this week besides Larry Fitzgerald should be the speedster J.J. Nelson. Known more for his boom or bust play style (18 catches of 20-plus yards on 58 career receptions), he has a good shot to break away for a long score this week. Last week I predicted Chargers wide receiver Tyrell Williams to have a solid game against the Eagles defense, and he went on to score a 75-yard touchdown reception. I predict the same outcome for Nelson this weekend against the same mediocre secondary. Throw Nelson in the flex spot and watch for that long touchdown catch.

Kenny Stills, WR Miami Dolphins:

            Miami is another offense that owners should probably want nothing to do with. The Dolphins have scored a combined six points over their last two games and no one in the offense is doing anything worth talking about. Quarterback Jay Cutler has not looked great and the run game has been fairly ineffective, so why would anyone want to start a Dolphin this week? The good news is that the offense can only get better and hopefully that starts this week against the Titans. Last year, Kenny Stills scored nine touchdowns and averaged a little over 17 yards per catch making him a great deep threat for the Miami passing attack, and while they haven’t been able to exploit his deep ball skills yet, this may be the week it finally happens. The Titans have given up a whopping 11 receiving touchdowns this season and Stills may be able to increase that number. The fifth year receiver has not been used on deep balls much this season, but something has to change in this offense and it could be the week Jay Cutler finds Stills in the end zone. Consider Stills to have some nice touchdown upside as a flex option this game.

Brian Hoyer, QB San Francisco 49ers:

            Frankly, there are some much better quarterback fill-ins out on the waiver wire than Hoyer, but with a great matchup this week, the veteran may be able to provide solid results for those willing to take the risk on starting him. The Indianapolis Colts possess one of the worst secondaries in all of football and have given up nearly 285 yards per game to opposing quarterbacks. The 49ers offense has been everything except good this season, but they have faced a solid defense every week so far. This will be the first game where the Kyle Shanahan coached 49ers will face a defense they can actually take full advantage (besides the Rams in Week Three). He isn’t the safest starter but he scored 26 fantasy points against L.A. just two weeks ago and a nice multi-touchdown game looks to be in store against one of the worst defenses in football this weekend.

Latavius Murray, RB Minnesota Vikings:

            It is never a good thing when a player gets hurt, but for whoever has been stashing Murray up until this point has gotten very lucky. Explosive rookie running back Dalvin Cook suffered a non-contact knee injury on Sunday and it is now determined that he will miss the rest of the season with a torn ACL. At the time of this writing the Vikings have made no indication as to who the lead back will be, but all signs point towards Murray getting the bulk of the work. Minnesota signed the former Raider to a nice three-year contract in the offseason and he has been solid when called upon to be a lead back. The situation is also helped by the fact that Jerick McKinnon has been fairly ineffective when being the workhorse back for the Vikings in the past. Murray is available in 80 percent of ESPN leagues and has a favorable matchup against the Bears on Monday. The extra day of rest will also give the veteran more time to rest his sore surgically repaired ankle.

Emotional Support Animal Acceptance


Emotional Support Animals (ESA) have been seen as substitute service animals in the past but have recently gained more acceptance.  This acceptance has been growing since studies have shown that pets help their owners with mental health issues, such as depression and anxiety.

According to Carrington College’s student blog, all kinds of pets help their owners battle depression and anxiety, helping distract from the negative thoughts caused by the mental health problems. As a result of the constant care and attention, the pet needs, the ESA allows the owners to feel needed and divert attention to the matters in the present. Carrington College also mentioned that “The researchers found that companion animals not only boost self-esteem, but also provide empathy, initiate social encounters, and serve as a substitute or additional family members.”

ESA’s can help reduce stress in people as well. It is becoming more common are taking their emotional support animals to college with them, since college can be a very stressful place. The Daily Campus states that ESAs can impact the performance of students, especially ones who have specific conditions. ESAs can help students to relax when stressed about school work. The Daily Campus also mentions that ESAs help students succeed in their daily life on campus, just as much as a service animal would.

In an article from the student newspaper of Northern Kentucky University, The Northerner, a student named Courtney Castle had her dog certified as an ESA; and it helped her battle her social anxiety by forcing her into social situations because of her pet, Oliver, attracted attention to her.

The Northerner also mentions that owners of ESA’s need a letter from a psychologist that states that the owner would benefit having their pet as an ESA. However, some believe that pets should not be able to become certified due to privileges that the ESA’s give. Skeptics believe that people who certify their animal as an ESA, are scamming the system so they can take their pet with them to certain places, such as living with them on campus. Castle, though, believes that if properly certified, ESAs can be beneficial to people dealing with mental health issues.

Also, there is controversy over whether ESA’s should be allowed on campuses. According to a news publication, ESA Doctor, campuses are obligated to allow them under the Fair Housing Act and Rehabilitation Act of 1947. This act says that the ESA provides the owner with therapy through affection/companionship. ESA Doctor also specified that even though the support animal doesn’t need any special training like a service animal, the owner does need to show that having their ESA has been helpful with their condition in which they have their ESA. The condition can be mental or physical, limiting the person’s everyday life.

Saint Leo University openly allows ESAs for students who live on campus. Katheryn Krzyzanski, who works in Residence Life and is criminal justice major, states, “Yes, they are allowed on campus. I’m not positive if there are restrictions on what type of animals are allowed or not.”

Tiffany Nelson, Registered Mental Health Counselor Intern for SLU, commented on ESA.

“Yes, absolutely they [ESAs] help. You have the bond between human and animals, which is powerful for anybody, but it can be especially helpful for people dealing with different mental health issues. Especially here, I would say stress, anxiety or depression are some of the more common ones seen on campus.”

If someone is unable to get an ESA, Nelson also suggested that there are also alternatives to help combat one’s mental health problems.

“There are stress relievers that are unique for each person; like exercise has been shown to be just as effective or more effective than some antidepressant medication also spending time with people you care about so like friends or family members,” said Nelson. “Social connections and feeling connected is an amazing way to help deal with that kind of stuff. Your diet plays a part in it, just everyone is unique, and everyone has their own way they deal with stress, but finding what works for you can be really effective. For some people, it can be an emotional support animal, and for others it can be a range of other things.”

Although ESA’s can be helpful, the decision to bring them on campus should not be taken lightly. They have not had training unlike service animals, and are seen as “reasonable accommodations”, according to Study Break, independent online magazine. Study Break also mentions that ESA owners are responsible for damages that are caused by the animal, they have to clean up after the animal, and it is not allowed to keep the ESA in the dorm room all day without any playtime.

It is suggested that students take the time to consider all of their options when it comes to living on campus with an ESA. The owner responsibilities and possible consequences that come from bringing your ESA to live on campus. Even though colleges are obligated to allow ESA’s on campus for non-commuters, the student still must get the ESA authorized by their university.

Trump’s Ambitions for America

After a turbulent nine months in office, President Trump has made some drastic and ambitious decisions in his presidency. From issuing the controversial banning of Muslim immigrants from a set list of Muslim majority countries to the dissolution of DACA, Trump has made headway and encountered some roadblocks in achieving his campaign promises. Unfortunately for the public, and even Congress, for that matter, it is difficult to say what Trump currently wants to do or in what direction he wishes for America to be headed domestically.

Aside from the American Health Care bill and his staunch stance against immigration, little is known about what Trump’s plans are for the future. Seemingly, according to various political analysts such as those found at FiveThirtyEight, Politico, and the New York Times, Trump is determined to dismantle Obama’s legacy but has so far been unsuccessful. Mr. Frank Orlando, an instructor of political science, expressed concern over the lack of information that Trump is willing to share if he has any information to give at all regarding his plans.

“He would like that (to destroy Obama’s legacy) since DACA is something that he did. It’s very vague to know what he wants, however. Does anyone know?” said Dr. Orlando.

Orlando commented that Congress is confused as to what Trump would like to accomplish, leading to many Republicans voting against the party, especially in regards to the two attempts at passing the American Health Care Act, and the most recent attempt looking grim for the Republicans in favor as the votes simply aren’t there for passage in the Senate, that bill being the newly proposed Graham-Cassidy bill which aims to repeal Obamacare, similar in wording to the prior two attempts. Without partisan support going forward, Republicans may find themselves unable to accomplish much.

What this means for the nation is probably more violence and protest. As seen in Charlottesville just a month prior, white nationalist and anti-fascist groups continue to clash across the country violently as each side had their own opinion on which direction the nation should take.

“Alt-right groups probably feel emboldened (by Trump)” said Dr. Orlando. “But Antifa and the Alt-right help each other.”

In essence, Orlando claimed that as white nationalism rises, so does the anti-fascist groups, such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter. It isn’t a stretch to say without strong leadership from the executive branch as well as a definitive guiding policy from the top, protests will continue to persist and grow, and potentially escalate as time goes on.

What can be explored is changes Trump has expressed in his campaign, but do not have a definitive plan as of yet. For instance, the idea of bringing back coal mining and manufacturing as well as the larger industrial sector of the American job market. Bringing about more competition among businesses to lower prices on consumer goods. The plan to place a tariff on foreign goods, especially goods from China, to encourage spending on American goods and spur American manufacturing. All of these ideas appeal to Trump and his voter base, but currently, have not been acted upon at this time and do not have a plan to the knowledge of the public.

Another huge plan Trump aimed to accomplish was the construction of a wall, along the US-Mexican border to deter and keep out immigrants coming from Latin America. According to the Washington Post, the wall’s construction could cost upwards of $25 billion, most of which would have to be paid using taxpayer’s money as Mexico has objected continuously to the idea of themselves footing the bill. So far, no blueprints for said wall have been made, and no one has come forward regarding the dimensions of this wall, aside from Trump himself claiming it would be “impenetrable, physical, tall, powerful, and beautiful.”

Recently, Trump did, however, unveil his tax plan. This is a move coming after months of a president seeking to make a fundamental change to America’s domestic landscape. Trump has proposed a slash in the corporate tax rate from 35 to 20 percent as an incentive for companies to stay in America versus sending their jobs overseas. Additionally, the president has proposed a new progressive tax plan, the rates being 12 (down from 15), 25 (down from 28), and 35 (down from 39.6) percent respectively from lowest income to highest, with a proposed additional surcharge added onto the wealthiest of Americans. Trump also proposes an effort to simplify the tax code so Americans can file their taxes on a single page.

This is a comprehensive tax cut, one that will plunge America, according to top government economists, $4.2 trillion more into debt. The new plan has members of Congress in support on both sides of the aisle, with more Republicans than Democrats criticizing the plan for its massive debt increase. However, it is projected that this plan will put much more money into the pockets of consumers, lowering the prices of consumer goods as well as giving Americans more money to spend overall.

Time will tell what other plans Trump aims to make. However, those plans may need to be put on hold as Robert Mueller’s investigation continues, the object of which is to figure out if there was any connection between the Trump campaign and Russia, specifically if Russia helped elect Donald Trump into office. Trump also has to worry about his constantly shifting staff as more and more cabinet members resign, meaning Trump and his close circle would have to find replacements for key positions in the executive branch, further postponing any plans Trump’s formulating with his advisors.

Sports Through Tough Times


In the past few weeks, we have witnessed a few tragedies that have completely rattled the nation in Hurricane Harvey and Irma devastating the southern part of the United States. This is most certainly not the first, and unfortunately not the final, time that a tragedy will interrupt daily life. However, sports are here not only as a means of competition, but a way to help reconcile people throughout times of hardship.

On April 15, 2013 two bombs exploded near the finish line of the Boston Marathon resulting in three deaths and hundreds of injuries. While the two men responsible for this were on the run and the entire nation watched, the people were coerced in figuring out how to return to daily life. Just two days later the Boston Bruins against their divisional rival Buffalo Sabres. The result on that Wednesday did not matter to many, but the solidarity of the fans standing up and singing the national anthem was emotional to say the least.

Even the Boston Red Sox added to the healing. Just 24 hours after the entire city was on lockdown and the 2nd suspect was neutralized, the Boston Red Sox played their first game since the devastation. The Red Sox honored the real-life superheroes first responders, police, civilians, and the victims in a memorable ceremony where Red Sox icon David Ortiz uttered the famous words: “This is our [expletive] city”. As an added touch to the solidarity of Boston throughout, the team wore jerseys that read ‘Boston’ across the chest instead of ‘Red Sox’ as they have been doing.

The biggest tragedy in recent history that has struck the United States was the terrorist attacks that happened on September 11, 2001. The entire nation was completely shaken to its core and the sports world was put on hold during the aftermath. However, the country got up and did exactly what the nation does after horrific events happen, got up stronger than ever. The 2001 World Series pitted the Arizona Diamondbacks and the New York Yankees. On October 30, Game 3 of the World Series is where the memory happens. President George W. Bush was going to throw the ceremonial first pitch in the first World Series game in New York since the attacks. While this was not the first time that ceremonial first pitches have happened, they usually happen from in front of the base of the pitching mound. However, after conversing with Yankees shortstop Derek Jeter, the President decided to throw from the mound and ended up firing a perfect strike with the stadium erupting.

These are just a few moments that happened in professional sports, however, at Saint Leo, there was the making of another moment. On Saturday, the Saint Leo men’s soccer team played against the Embry-Riddle Eagles in Daytona Beach. The team was going into the game with a record of 0-3 and a few struggles. With the recent events of Hurricane Irma devastating the state of Florida and the islands located in the Atlantic, the area was in need of recuperating and they might have just got their moment. With Saint Leo down 1-0, sophomore Guillaume Campos scored an unassisted goal in the 86th minute to tie the game up and eventually send the game to double overtime. In double overtime, at the 109th minute of the game, freshman Armin Bajric set up a header for Campos to score the game-winning goal and securing the first victory of the season, as well as going 1-0 in conference games.

Sports have the power to make people forget about the events that are happening around the world or even in their own backyards. It helps the people forget the strength and pain of real life. Places, where people are divided, seem less important and helping your neighbor is. As Houston Texans superstar JJ Watt brilliantly put it while thanking people for donating to his Hurricane Harvey relief, “The most difficult times seem to bring out the best in humanity.”

“The Orville” Has Launched

Funny man Seth MacFarlane, creator of the hit television series “Family Guy,” engaged quantum drive and made a bold leap from animation to live action with his new series “The Orville,” which premiered on Sept. 10.

MacFarlane stars as Ed Mercer, a down on his luck interstellar fleet officer who catches a much-needed break when he is awarded command of an exploratory vessel, the U.S.S. Orville. But on his first day on the job, Mercer’s high spirits quickly take a nose dive when he learns that his ex-wife, Kelly Grayson (played by Adrianne Palicki), is to be his first officer.                     The two will have to put aside their differences in order to save the day when their first mission takes a disastrous turn. Accompanied by a steadfast crew composed of members from all different walks of extraterrestrial life, Mercer is in for a wild ride.

“The Orville” premiere received a mixed bag of reviews, but garnered stellar ratings. According to Deadline, the new series drew in 8.6 million viewers, matching some of the most successful series premieres of the past year, including NBC’s “This is Us.”

The sci-fi dramedy started off a tad flat, but shows promise. “The Orville’s” premise models that of the popular ‘60s series “Star Trek,” and mirrors elements such as costumes, creatures, and set design. Though on the surface it appears to be a flat-out parody, it lacks a satirical sense of humor. The premiere was not without its chuckle worthy moments, but lacks the raunchy and in-your-face humor that MacFarlane is noted for. It’s quite a refreshing change of pace and proves that there’s more to MacFarlane’s sense of creativity than meets the eye.

MacFarlane and Palicki are backed by a quirky supporting cast, including Penny Johnson Jerald, Scott Grimes, Peter Macon, Halston Sage, J. Lee, and Mark Jackson. Macon in particular shines as Lt. Commander Bortus, whose stoic and business-like responses to humorous situations make for some exceptional moments of comic relief. The show also boasts a slew of recognizable guest stars in upcoming episodes, including Charlize Theron (“Atomic Blonde”), Jeffrey Tambor (“Arrested Development”), and Holland Taylor (“Two and a Half Men).

“The Orville’s” first season is slated for thirteen one-hour episodes. Be sure to catch upcoming episodes every Sunday at 8 p.m. on Fox. If you missed the series premiere due to complications brought about by hurricane Irma, you can watch the episode on http://www.fox.com. “The Orville” is a refreshing take on the Sci-Fi genre. Like Capt. James T. Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise, Seth MacFarlane is daring to boldly go where he has never gone before.                                                                                                                                                                                T.V. Show Review Score:                   3 out of 5 Paws