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Mother Courage Cast List

Cast List Matt Beil – Eilif Ensign Heather Galvin - Recruiter (1)/Armourer(3)/Older Soldier(4)/Soldier(8;11) Shawne Arnett – Mother Courage Julianne Ackerman - Kattrin Kevin Schuster - Swiss (1 – 3)/ Manservant(8)/Singer(10)/Peasant(5;11;12) Justin Paulaukis - Clerk(4;6)/Cook(2; 3; 8; 9) Kelsii Atkinson – Soldier (8; 11) Ravin Forde- Chaplin (2; 3; 5; 6; 7; 8) Soldier (11) Tiffany… Continue reading Mother Courage Cast List


To Endings and New Beginnings: Excitement For the New Dorms

As the semester is wrapping up the biggest buzz on campus is still about all the construction. However, not everything about the construction is a complaint or concern. There are many students expressing the excitement as the new dorms will be opening soon.  Many of the incoming freshman will not being seeing these for the… Continue reading To Endings and New Beginnings: Excitement For the New Dorms


Support Art!

April 10 in the Saint Edwards Hall lobby was the Spring Art Show, sponsored by the Department of English, Fine Arts & Humanities. “We offer a fall and spring show each year” said Allyson Marino, Fine Arts Events Director and instructor of English for the School of Arts and Sciences. “The spring show is professionally… Continue reading Support Art!


The House of Velvet and Glass

Katherine Howe, author of the New York Times bestseller, The Physick Book of Deliverance Dane, returns with a new novel, The House of Velvet and Glass. The historical novel is set in 1915 Boston, where a young woman, Sybil Allston stands on the edge of a new century, torn between the loss of her mother… Continue reading The House of Velvet and Glass


Ten Things You Should Do (And Ten Things You Shouldn’t)

A top ten list of the the things you should and shouldn't do as a student. Do:   Come to class on time. Timeliness makes a good statement. Dress tastefully. Pajamas are comfy, but a great impression is worth more. Be respectful towards others. Respect takes you places that disrespect won’t. Share yourself. Others can’t… Continue reading Ten Things You Should Do (And Ten Things You Shouldn’t)


Election Editorial

Barely three months away, on November 6, the good citizens of America will be matching to the polls to exercise their franchise in fulfillment of their constitutional obligation to elect “a people-led” government that will spearhead the affairs of government over the next four years par their constitutional demand. This will be the 57 quadrennial… Continue reading Election Editorial

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Saint Leo’s Spring Sing is One for the Decades

The sounds of 1930’s swing music and jazz filled the Greenfelder-Denlinger Boardrooms with a sense of energy and good vibes, and everybody was anxiously waiting for the Chamber Singers to kick off the night. Saint Leo University’s Spring Sing concert was an hour long, entertainment-filled show with twists on classics, such as “Boogie Woogie Bugle… Continue reading Saint Leo’s Spring Sing is One for the Decades