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Understanding Different Avenues For Financial Assistance 

Do you want a job, but don’t know where to start? Do you know what the requirements for some jobs are? Do you know the difference between work-study and non-work-study? Federal Work Study (FWS) is a program implemented by the United States government that subsidizes paychecks for undergraduate and graduate students working part-time. Domestic students… Continue reading Understanding Different Avenues For Financial Assistance 


The Importance of Fine Arts Education

Fine arts education is dwindling in American primary and secondary schools. According to the Center for Online Education, 25% of public high schools have completely rid of education of the fine arts. The pulling of arts classes and programs in schools is a shortsighted disaster. These courses are crucial and just as important as, if… Continue reading The Importance of Fine Arts Education



“We’re scientists!” my high school art teacher would say when he taught the chemical formula for clay. It’s no secret that science impacts art. From innovations like plastic tubes to preserve paint, to printing presses, to computers capable of sound mixing and animation, scientific advancements continue to give artists of all mediums more options and… Continue reading STEAM Power

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Florida Universities Up Mental Health Budget

Florida’s 12 public universities have developed a two-year plan to increase the presence of police officers and mental health counselors on campus, according to In fact, the public university system’s Board of Governors met in the week of Sep. 18, 2016, and they emphasized that the campus security and mental health services are among… Continue reading Florida Universities Up Mental Health Budget

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Finland Reform Education System

Finland is about to reform their education system drastically. Finland has been one of the leading countries for a successful education system that has been leading international league tables for literacy and numeracy. In tests for the Program for International Student Assessment (PISA), Finland has been in the top three rankings with only Singapore and… Continue reading Finland Reform Education System


Excellence Through Cooperation

An enormous number of college students absolutely despise group work. The thought of being forced to work with other students, and often to present the results of this cooperation, often causes immense amounts of frustration and anxiety. However, the question still stands: does group work have a place in educational environments, or is it unnecessary… Continue reading Excellence Through Cooperation

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How to Find the Perfect Masters Program

As the job market continuously becomes competitive, many students are choosing to go to graduate school to get master’s degrees. However, master’s programs can be extremely expensive and difficult to get into. Besides those drawbacks, students have to find a program that is in their area of interest, which can be difficult since master’s programs… Continue reading How to Find the Perfect Masters Program